The Cheetah For Ever project was born two years ago in Maasai-Mara after dinner, late in the heart of the African night. We were gathered around a crackling fire, while the lions were roaring in the distance.

We were recalling the wild animals we had met during our safari day and commenting the nice photographs we had taken.... looking forward to the ones of the day after....


We had started a banal conversation on the uncertain future of the Maasai-Mara and it soon became ovbvious to us that we had to venture something as we bitterly witnessed the dramatic fall in the number of cheetahs.... Yes, something had to be done....

But what ? The idea we had at the beginning of monitoring 24 hours a day and for several months the females with their cubs first seemed to us as unrealistic.

Unrealistic ? Maybe... But we had never found such a good idea as that one.... Then we madly went for this challenge and for the adventure....

 We are all passionate about Africa, wildlife, travelling and photography. But to put it more simply, we are only Mother Earth citizens, sternly committed to protecting it and who cannot resolve to let it die.

Cheetah For Ever TEAM

Agnès Escriva - Chairwoman
Photograph by nature, passionate about wide wild areas and the African fauna, Agnès is body and soul invested in the preservation of the Cheetah, which is one of the most emblematic endangered species of Africa. To her it is nothing more than a necessity and a case of emergency...

Farid Radjouh - Treasurer
"Africa and nothing else" this could be the motto of this demanding and passionate photographer who is mad about photo safaris. Newly retired, he devotes his free time almost exclusively to the protection of the Maasai-Mara cheetah... in between two travels to Africa of course !

Sophie Gandrille - Secretary 
She has been passionate about wildlife since her childhood and she has been traveling again and again in Africa since her first time in 2010 and mainly in the Maasai-Mara in Kenya. She is fond of this area as the big felids and in particular the cheetah allow human observation more than anywhere else.

Catherine Oye - Founding Member
Traveling is definitely the DNA of this addicted globetrotter. She has now for a long time wanted to commit herself in a program that protects endangered species. Cheetah for Ever will probably give her something to do for a long time !

Sylvie Crocetta - Founding Member and Actions on the ground coordinator
Mad about African wildlife, Sylvie decided to settle down in Kenya in the heart of the Massai Mara. She directly operates on the ground by managing the logistics and supervising the surveillance teams. She is also in charge of all the work related to the contacts and activities with the Maasai community.

Tony Crocetta - Founding Member and PR
Tony is a professional wildlife photographer. He also organizes safaris and photography training sessions in Kenya within the organisation he created in 2006 : Melting Pot Safaris.