laurent baheux

If the original and eternal Africa explodes of thousands of colors, its black and white representation, seen through the lenses of Laurent Baheux, adds an unequalled poetic dimension! The French photographer, internationally recognized, witness sadly privileged of the threats which weigh on the cheetah on the whole continent, was the very first to join effectively our cause...

marcello pettineo

Nothing could suggest that his early taste for the drawing would offer him one day the opportunity to realize his child's dreams. Inspired by the images of school books, and the atmosphere of the “cabinets de curiosité”, his naturalistic studies look today as so many pages of a giant travel journal. 



Arnfinn Johansen is an award winning wildlife photographer from Norway. He is a member of the Norwegian Nature Photographers Association (NN) which is an exclusive association of professional nature photographers with focus on environmental issues and ethical standards. Very attached to the wildlife of Africa in general and the big cats of Maasai Mara in particular, Arnfinn in 2017 co-founded Oltepesi Tented Safari Camp which is an eco safari camp made to meet the special needs of professional wildlife photographers and nature photo enthusiasts. Both Arnfinn Johansen and Oltepesi Tented Safari Camp support the Cheetah Forever program.

Kyriakos Kaziras

Kyriakos Kaziras is a French-Greek professional wildlife photographer become major since several years.


Very young, he was influenced by his two grandfathers, the one artist and the other keen amateur photographer. His very pictorial photographic approach is printed by his passion for painting. He uses the light as a paintbrush to share with us the emotion of his meetings with wildlife.


For his work he walks often on the African roads and especially those of Massai Mara that he knows well. For the cheetah protection, he is of course by our side.

vincent munier

If the expression "the most endowed of his generation" make sense, it really applies to Vincent Munier who raised the wildlife photography at the level of poetry! This French from Les Vosges, self-taught, is a regular prize-wining photographer for his amazing work on the spotless, cold and polar northern regions, he rubbed himself brilliantly in the African savannas (bushes) where he had a “crush” for the big cats… especially cheetah!

Mathieu Pujol

At the age of 27, Mathieu Pujol is already an icon of the wildlife photography in France! He regularly win awards in the biggest international competitions of photography. This man from Toulouse, globe-trotter, is passionate by his neighbor the brown bear, whom he went to meet on the most steep Pyrenean slopes. Organizer of technical workshops in Africa, he dedicates a passion without border for the cheetah, naturally!

Grégoire Bouguereau

Grégoire Bouguereau is a French wildlife photographer, as discreet as talented. Lover of the wild Africa, he publishes in 2013, after 10 years of regular stays in the Tanzanian Serengeti, "Nomades de la plaine infinie” (Nomads of the infinite land), certainly the most accomplished work on the biology of cheetah… and his more effective plea.