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The zoological parc of Beauval is THE zoo, classified the most beautiful of France, the most modern of Europe, appearing among the most beautiful zoos of the world... It is also and above all, the most committed also! Through their association Beauval Nature, it is the very first major association to support us.

Brigitte Bardot led the career which we know without ever becomes blurred her passion for animals. She discovered that she cannot limit her love to her own animals, so much the poverty of all their congeners is important. She decided to meet the challenge and dedicated her existence to this difficult cause that is the animal protection. Her foundation acts legally and on the ground in France and on all the continents, and supports local projects as ours. We are very happy and extremely proud of this partnership.

The KWS (Kenya Wildlife Service) is the Kenyan state organization that manages the fauna in about the sixty parks and reserves of this country resolutely committed into its natural heritage. We work in close collaboration by giving them back the biological and technical data observed on field during our missions.

A craving for an authentic Safari in Kenya? In a bush camp at the heart of Maasaï-Mara, as closest as you can be to the big big cats and the cheetahs in particular... there is only Melting Pot Safaris!

The Matira bush camp is a nice bush camp located close to the Talek river in the middle of the Maasaï Mara reserve in Kenya. Involved in the protection of the exceptional environment of this national park, its owners Monika and Antony support our action for cheetahs'preservation by offering a very precious logistic help.

Oltepesi Tented Safari Camp is an eco safari camp in Maasai Mara established to meet the special needs of professional wildlife photographers and nature photo enthusiasts. It is located in a genuine Maasai village adding an interesting aspect of true cultural experience for the visitors. The camp was established in 2017 by award winning Norwegian wildlife photographer Arnfinn Johansen together with Maasai Guide Big John Siololo.

Escourbiac, a family company, is a quality printer, prize-winner of the "Cadrat d'or" in 2003, 2009 and 2014. The company implanted in the Southwest, near Toulouse has a showroom in Paris in the 18th. It is made sensitive for a long time to the environment and nature.

For over 32 years, Sunnex has manufactured products built for durability and high performance. Today, the Company is comprised of three distinct product groups, and has sales and service representatives in over 40 countries worldwide. 

"Nature en Baie", a store in St Valéry in "Baie de Somme", sells equipment for observation. Its slogan is " to live and to observe the nature ". His manager Bruno David, sensitive to the cheetah cause, offers us binoculars for our supervision brigades.

In the middle of the Coast of Beauty and the beaches of Charente-Maritime, in some dunes of Royan, the "Zoo de La Palmyre" has an important role in the protection of the endangered species, by participating in 41 European Programs of Breeding (EEP) and 15 Studbooks Européens (ESB), as well as by financing about fifteen programs of species preservation in the nature. It support us!