our actions

awareness activities

It was obvious that nothing concrete could be done nor have long term effects without the help and the full support of the local population.

Therefore, long before we even started the surveillance program in itself, we first launched actions mainly aimed at the young Maasai children living in the villages neighbouring the reserve. We are closely working with their teachers. We wish to make them sensitive to one thing that is of the utmost importance : the interest of protecting their priceless natural heritage so as to guaranty long term prospects.

This task is tremendous and we would not have enough space on this website to reveal all its aspects. Here are however some precise examples which are the most conspicuous :

Construction and donation of a library within one of the schools in the village of Mararianda, located 5 kilometers away from the western gate of the park ( Musiara Gate ). We are financing the books, the DVDs, the school things, the furniture, the production of electricity with solar panels and the audio-visual equipment. We are employing and paying the salary of a Maasai librarian. She also, among other tasks, gives lessons on environmental protection and teaches kids how to read and write.

We are also organizing school outings with our 4-wheel drive vehicles (what is odd is that most Maasai kids had never been in the reserve), lending photography equipment so that the kids can shoot themselves, educating them about the balance of the ecosystem, removing waste with them, planting local trees...

We are producing and setting up a photography exhibition within a school, the most attended one in the village of Mararianda. This exhibition is introducing the species that regulate the ecosystem of the Maasai-Mara savannah... All this along with the installation of audio-visual equipment for the screening of educational movies and documentaries dealing with the wildlife.

Finally we are producing a long-feature fiction film with non-professional Maasai actors among whom there are young children. This cousciousness-raising movie, subtitled in English and Swahili, features a young boy whose dream is to become a guide. In the movie, he explains the causes of the losses in the biodiversity of the Maasai-Mara. The movie is currently being edited and it will be shown in the villages that are closest to the park...

Should you wish to know more about these programs, about our projects and why not get personally involved please feel free to contact us !