To become a reality the Cheetah For Ever program needs your financial support ! We are a private organization, with no public subsidies, whose functional budget depends only on financing from individuals and firms sensitive to the fall in the number of cheetahs.

Your generosity is then vital so that we can always observe free and wild cheetahs in the Maasai Mara now and in the future...


The whole managing team is French and entirely doing voluntary work, therefore 100% of the money is used exclusively on the ground.


If the program in itself seems to be easy to define on paper, it in fact requires a big organization to carry it out on the ground such as financing the purchase of the 4-wheel drive vehicles, buying the petrol they need, paying for the salaries of the surveillance teams, creating the logistics ( food, equipment.... )

Here is a list that is far from being comprehensive of the equipment and of the things to do which are paramount to allow us to carry out our mission with a high quality level :


  • 2 4-wheel drive vehicles for surveillance
  • 1 vehicle for the logistics
  • petrol, insurance, maintenance of the vehicles
  • binoculars
  • amplifying devices allowing night vision
  • cameras
  • laptops
  • uniforms
  • lamps
  • communication devices
  • communication costs
  • construction of an office
  • equipment for the office
  • salaries, food, accomodation for the surveillance agents
  • allowances for the rangers

 If you wish to have further information about the financial aspect of the program, about some technical details or about our logistics organization, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly share in full transparency all this precise information with you.