On Malaïka's tracks

Tracking Malaïka... It's not a secret anymore : the most famous cheetah of the Maasai-Mara withdrew discreetly and gave birth to her new litter few weeks ago. Up to now, nobody knows how many cubs she has.

After some days of intensive search, the Cheetah For Ever team (in the new Cheetah Car) found her. After the huge thunderstorms of these days in June, the trails were hardly usable. Each path looked like a Camel Trophy race ! It was very difficult to find her in the savannah because the grass was high.  But now, from time to time she goes out of her hiding place and leaves her cubs for hunting.


The next 3 months will be crucial for Malaika and her cubs. It's a very dangerous period for them ! More than 90% -- and even sometimes more-- of the cubs will disappear due to predation, destruction, harassment or trafficking.


So the next 3 months will be essential for our scouts, their role as guardian angels is now recognized in all the Maasai-Mara. They are looking forward to perform the work that the KWS, the Narok County Council and the Mara University expect from them.