Imani and her 3 youngsters


In December, a part of the Cheetah For Ever's team was able to follow Imani and his small family ... Thanks to Sylvie Escriva who offers us the images in this video and to Jean Papillault for the music. What's happiness!


The scouts of Cheetah For Ever watch the small family since July, 2015 and protect it from dangers which the small cheetahs could not face: destruction, predation, traffic and exhaustion by the vehicles of unscrupulous tourism.


Because it is necessary to know that the number of cheetahs does not stop decreasing in Maasaï Mara: there are today only around thirty adults in all the reserve and the bordering zones of conservation (on 2400 km2)...


Movie: Sylvie Escriva

Music: Jean Papillault

Editing, direction: Cheetah For Ever

Photos: Agnès Escriva, Tony Crocetta


Copyright Cheetah For Ever 2016