Who will be the next?

The youngests of Musiera, Imani, Nora, and of course Malaïka are big  now...

.... and the scouts have to resolve themselves, one has to admit with some difficulties (the umbilical cord is sometimes hard to cut!), to stop the close protection.


Let's hope that they will cross often the ways of their earlier protected cubs and will have opportunities to admire them hunting in the savannah of the Maasaï-Mara!


Maybe even our scouts will be the angels-guards of the cubs of the females they have monitored!

And now, what are the scouts going to do?

The rainy season is quite over. The second car, all new and freshly painted, is about to arrive in the Mara: It's a good time to monitor new cheetah cubs...

OK... But which ones?

There are three new mums at present. Amani, Imani's mother, has four cubs. Noosura has also four young cubs, aged three months. But both are in conservancies and we don't have authorization to go there yet.

In the far south of the Mara, close to the border of Tanzania, there is a third mum with very young cubs. Until now, it was not reasonable that our scouts venture that far with an unreliable Cheetah car. The new car should allow them to go to look for this mom and her cubs.

And what about Malaïka: is she or not pregnant from Leomom, the beautiful male with whom she spent two days (14th and 15th of March)? The suspense should come to an end rather fast, and instead of an echography, the Malaïka's behavior should inform us about her state. As a rule, about one month before the possible delivery, she's supposed to leave her two subadults.


Having said that, with Malaïka, you can never tell! It is thus necessary to closely watch her belly size, and to observe her behaviour approaching june 10-20, to see if she becomes more and more discrete, what would be the sign that a bunch of small marvels are about to pop up to the biggest joy of their mum,... of the tender-hearted scouts... and of course of the Cheetah For Ever team and its members!