The first birthday for Cheetah For Ever

May 18th, 2015, the association Cheetah For Ever was born ... 


What a way traveled for one year, thanks to all our partners and thanks to you for your so precious donations!


The program was able to start on the ground from July with the purchase of "Cheetah Car" (thanks to Beauval Nature, our first significant partner) and the hiring of our two scouts William and Edward.


Four females cheetahs were watched and nine young cheetahs cavort cheerfully in the savanna of Maasaï Mara today! Of course, we do not claim to be able to say that it is only thanks to us, but we participated a little in their survival by thwarting in particular the attacks of lions and hyenas repeatedly when they were small cubs.


They all grow well and don't require more the close surveillance of which they were the object.  We wish them a bright future of free cheetah where they will decide to become established.



The second "Cheetah Car" will be soon ready, what will allow us to begin the night supervision as soon as a female in charge of cubs will appear in the reserve...


Noosura and Amani gave birth two months ago, but they chose for the moment to raise their offspring in zones of preservation bordering the reserve. It is thus impossible to us to watch them.


A new partnership should allow us to replace soon the first "Cheetah Car"that had many technical failures, because the driving conditions were very difficult this year in Maasaï Mara.


For cheetahs thank you to all! 

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