What happens on the ground ?

It is the rainy season at the moment at Maasaï Mara.

And it is raining a lot!!!




The scouts had forced holidays because of repeated breakdowns of "Cheetah Car."

Fortunately, this did not impact on the project: no mom cheetah with any cubs to be watched at the moment, in the national reserve at least, and the youngters of Imani, Musiara, and specially those of Malaïka, are quick enough now to escape the dangers. They need no more presence of our team, and Edward was able to notice it on May 10th of this year:


He crossed the way of Imani and his three youngters of almost one year who walked quietly on the track, heading to the Serengeti. Abruptly a lioness appeared from tall grass and attacked the family.

The youngters immediately saved themselves, scattering in all the directions. Once the outstripped lioness, Imani called back her three big cubs, and the blended family took back its way.... Turning the back on Serengeti this time!

Our scouts, free at the moment of any feline family load, are going to be able to visit the surrounding villages to present a slide-show which they prepared with Sylvie Crocetta (one of our founding members, responsible for other actions on the ground) to make sensitive the population in the cause of cheetahs and explain the program of the small cheetahs supervision.

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