Visit to MeltingPot Safaris

This morning of April 21, 2016, Malaïka and her youngsters decided to hunt near the camp of MeltingPot safaris...

As far as she can remember, the Crocetta family never saw this before: some cheetahs near the camp of MeltingPot Safaris! 

Nevertheless, this morning, it's there indeed that Sylvie Crocetta and Elvis Amdany witnessed a hunt of Malaïka and her two youngsters. Since two days, Malaïka and Co were spotted heading to Musiara, and it is few minutes away from the camp that she chose to hunt. Good seed makes a good crop: Malaïka is an excellent huntress, the young people were raised well : it was an easy task for the family to capture its lunch....

Mara being empty of tourists in this period, Sylvie and Elvis spent one hour alone with the most famous cheetah of the Mara (maybe even of Africa!)


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