A mom knowing how to hunt


A mom cheetah in charge of big cubs has to go hunting often to satisfy the appetite and the needs for her offspring.

For proof, the narrative and the pictures of our friend Emilie meeting with the Imani family a beautiful morning of March (16th) between 10:15 am and 11:10 am. 

" We found Imani and her cubs resting shielded from 2 shrubs. Imani seemed to be hungry because she quickly began watching all around in search of a prey.

Thus she spotted a Thompson gazelle with a very small baby. She quickly traveled dozens meters to approach it. Then, without trying to hide itself, she engaged the second gear for the "true" hunting, her 3 youngs following her quietly. The hunting lasted only a few seconds.

Once the baby Thompson was captured, Imani was fast joined by her 3 big cubs in the shade of a shrub (the heat was already heavy). This small prey did not last long with the fangs of these 4 cheetahs. Imani showed herself rather friendly to her youngs by leaving them a big part of the gazelle.

After 10 minutes, the cleaning session began. Between youngs, one young with the mother... A real intimacy moment which we were able to attend.

Imani seemed to be still hungry. She restarted in search of other preys. " 


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