Musiara, her cubs and the hyena

On this Friday of february, mom Musiara had killed a baby topi. All the family was feasting well when a hyena arrived...

 .... a hyena arrived, who stole their hunt and feast on it. Evinced, the youngs were not satisfied at all and were still hungry... The hyena remained insensible to their attempts of intimidations (three contorted faces, it was supposed to make it, no?).

It was too much for William and Edward who decided that the hyena had eaten enough (she looked like a footed-barrel!) and made her understand that it was time for her to left the party….and that's what she did. Musiara family was finally able to eat quietly. After ? Well, after that, a little nap was most welcomed.... The babies topi are good, but less digestible than the tommy babies!


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