One morning with the Cheetah for Ever brigad

On december 29, we spent a part of our morning gamedrive with the Cheetah For Ever brigad

The scouts were monitoring Imani and her 3 cubs. As you can see on the picture, the grass cover is very tall, which masked the cubs most of the time, except when they were playing to climb on tree. This tall grass makes it difficult to Imani to spot preys, but on another way, once a prey is spotted, this allows Imani to approach her target more easily.

As shown by this picture, the scouts keep a safe distance from the cheetah in order not to disturb them. A very positive point, is that the scouts and the ranger are now well-known by all guides who appreciate their monitoring work and dedication for cheetahs. Thus, when other cars arrive to see the family, they stay close to the car of Cheetah For Ever, which highly reduces the harassment of the family by tourist cars.

 You maybe noticed on these picture that this is not the true Cheetah car. The dedicated car was being repaired (the starter was broken)…

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