Happy New Year 2016 !


Cheetah For Ever wishes you a prosperous and happy new year 2016.


Let us hope that our small cheetahs can thanks to you all continue to run in the savannah.


Your help is precious, thank you very much!

The adventure continues...

Cheetah For Ever wants to make follow you this message of supports, emanating from one of our fervent members, a message among so many others, which makes that our young association pursues its way, to carry out better its mission... So that the cheetahs of Masai-Mara are not a vague memory of a bygone days... 



" I wish you good Christmas and happy new Year to all the team of CHEETAH FOR EVER in France as well as to the guardian angels of the Massai Mara!

Convinced that each has a role has to play, that each has the power and the duty to act, let's wish that during year 2016 the CHEETAH FOR EVER association makes sensitive and mobilizes the largest number of economic players and Foundations to bring a financial and media support.

I hope sincerely that the program of conservation will get numerous successes during year 2016.

Happy New Year 2016 to cheetah females and to their adorable cubs! " 

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