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The chairlady and the secretary of Cheetah For Ever met all the members of the Kenyan association during a meeting at Masai-Mara. On this occasion, they put back one of the kits body/lens offered by the Canon France company, to the scouts Edward and William, delighted to receive this new working tool.

Here follows their account:

"On December 27th, 2015, was held the monthly meeting of the Or Mara Eramat Association. We were invited there, what allowed us to meet members of the Kenyan Association which we did not still know, Morris Nabaala, secretary of the association, and the scouts William and Edward who work every day on the ground. Dickson Olkisonkoï, president, could not unfortunately be there, but Jackson Naurori, William Rotiken, Elvis Amdany, Wilson Cheburet and Simon Chebon were present.


After a round table discussion which allowed each to introduces himself and to explain the role in every association, the scouts made a detailed report of the events on the ground. They recapitulated which cheetahs have cubs, those who are in their zone of monitoring and the travels of the latter within the reserve of Maasaï-Mara, or between the reserve and its bordering areas of preservation, even Tanzania.


They monitor presently 4 cheetahs alternatively, Imani, Malaïka, Nora and Musiara, but the latter left at present in one of the bordering areas of preservation. The news about Imani is reassuring, her wounds do not prevent her from hunting, are healing naturally, and cheetah cubs are well fed and in great shape! 

The scouts concluded on the urgency to acquire a second car and to hire other scouts as soon as possible, to increase the monitoring efficiency, and especially to monitor the cheetahs 24 hours a day.


Morris and Wilson underlined the big implication of both scouts, their great motivation and their passion for their protected youngs. They also indicated us that both scouts were now known by most of the guides of the Maasaï-Mara and that all recognized the importance and the utility of their work. The presence of the Cheetah car allows to limit the harassment due to tourists' cars, and to enforce a distance of comfort for cheetahs.


We then reviewed what was done in France to raise funds, on the number of members of the Cheetah For Ever association, on the demands of subsidies which are in progress or to come. Finally, we handed to the scouts the cameras kits offered by Canon so that they can take pictures of good quality.


The members of Or Mara Eramat Association are a tight-knit group of passionate people. Both scouts in particular are outstandingly motivated and do not count the hours spent to look and to watch cheetah cubs and their moms. The fact that they are estimated by all the guides and that their action on the ground is appreciated by all is an extremely important point for the success of the program."


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