Imani is hurt...

Imani is hurt, rather seriously according to the information in our ownership. She would have made gored by hunting. The veterinarians of the KWS are warned but an intervention on a cheetah is always particularly delicate. More than ever our brigade stays up her and her cubs...


Sorry for the violence of this image but it is necessary to inform.

Definitely, Mara is hard at present...


Here is the report of Wilson:

" The guards learnt that Imani has been injured yesterday while they were with Nora who is very thin.

With heavy rain on the ground, it is difficult for our moms cheetahs to go hunting because the ground is muddy and slides, and preys escape.


Imani was certainly seriously injured by the horns of Grant's Gazelle; her prey preferred during the surveillance of our scouts.

We called the veterinarian to come to see and tomorrow he is going to help her. 

The hardest it is her cubs because she is very weak and she does not manage to hunt. " 



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