The Canon France company puts a lot by our side...

Excellent news for our dear cheetahs: a big firm, that it is not anymore necessary need to present, joins us and the cause of Cheetah for ever.


The CANON France company put back to us, very officially via its representative Bernard Thomas during the Festival Photo of Montier-en-Der, two kits reflex bodies + lenses! They will be uses by the scouts to communicate, also by picture, on their daily work and so better structure our communication. 


It is an inestimable gift, very important for our association: besides the superlative quality of the photos for which we can all expect now, the saved money will serve directly the action on the ground, our absolved priority.


Many thanks from the cheetah cubs of Masai-Mara, to Canon France for their precious and disinterested help... And see you soon, from the beginning of next January, for pictures made in Canon...

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