An afternoon very stressful...

This afternoon of november 7 has been very stressful for Imani and her 4 little rascals.... 

After the brigade left them to monitor another cheetah mother, Imani and her cubs were attacked by Napejo, a lioness of the Rongai pride, who almost killed them. 

Thanks God, they managed to escape, but they had an enormous fright!

The next day, Imani had taken down a male of Grant's gazelle, which is a very good job since Grant's gazelle are bigger and more dangerous than Thompson gazelle, the favorite prey of cheetahs.

The cubs were very hungry, but couldn’t eat quietly due to harassment by jackals and vultures who wanted to steal their prey.

But the cubs stood their ground, mainly one of them who didn’t let the vultures approaching. He was constantly hunting the vultures, until all cubs and mom decided that their bellies were big enough and that they could leave some crumbs to the scavengers, as a proof of their generosity !…..

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