News about the cheetah mothers monitored

Focus on Musiara and her youngs

It’s not an easy task to be an guardian angel of cheetah mum….

To keep an eye on them is one thing, but to find them each morning is another one. Cheetahs are not territorial at all, and moves as soon as the cubs are able to follow mum. The females monitored by the brigade have a wide playground.

So, out of the 4 cheetah mums monitored by the brigade, Imani and her youngs left the Mara and spends some time in the tanzanian Serengeti, while Nora and her cubs are now in the Olare Orok Conservancy.

As the youngs of Malaïka begin to be big enough to escape quickly when they perceive a danger, our brigade focusses its surveillance on Musiara and her three cubs. Mom is very affectionate with her cubs, as it can be seen on the photo taken by our scouts.

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