Musiara in great danger

Musiara risks her life...

This saturday morning, the team of Cheetah For Ever, the scouts Edward and William, and the ranger Rotich, were monitoring Musiara and her youngs.

The whole family had taken place on a termite mound and was looking for a prey.

In the afternoon, Musiara hunted and killed an impala.


While the family was occupied with eating, the guards observed a change in Musiara behavior: she bristled and became aggressive.

The guards noticed in their rear-view mirror the reason of this sudden change of humor: a big male lion was approaching the cheetahs.

In a blink, the cubs had dashed off.


The scouts then started the car and moved back towards the lion to make screen. But Musiara had decided differently! While staying hidden next to the car, she approached the lion and dashed to him, probably risking her all to impress him and make him to leave. She avoided the lion claws with agility, but the lion started to pursue her.



The guards then took advantage of a moment when both opponents were far enough from each other to interpose the car between them, and they managed --and succeeded-- to push away the lion towards other horizons! Usually, after a danger, cheetahs fled and abandoned their prey, and that’s what Musiara and the cubs did first.  But not for long! Musiara being Musiara, she returned with her youngs for a well deserved meal!


Musiara is a courageous mother, but she risked injuries and her life by acting so. Thanks to Edward, William and Rotich, all is well which ends well.