Marcello Pettineo, our new ambassador makes a commitment...

Since a few days, Marcello Pettineo, our new ambassador puts on sale original drawings for the benefit of Cheetah For Ever. A big thank you Marcello!

His message on the social networks: " To support the initiative of the association Cheetah For Ever which works to protect the Mara cheetahs, I decided that the sale of my eight original drawings of cheetahs would modestly go to contribute to complete the funds which they need to equip itself. Knowing that the protection of cheetahs bases on a supervision 24/24 of the females cheetahs and of their cubs,  the area of the territory is huge and the use of at least three vehicles is absolutely essential. Actually it is a very critical phase of the development of the young cheetahs during which they are extremely vulnerable. 

I add it profits removed on the sale of the reproductions of the original cheetahs printed in 15 paper proofs each, numbered and signed by the artist which will also go to the association Cheetah For Ever (excluding printing and shipping costs). The price of an original box is 900,00€ and the price of a paper proof is 400,00€. Refer to my web site or contact me …

Here we are! I think that it is a right way for me and for you to make something useful and concrete for the conservation of cheetahs while pleasing you.

PS: eight originals are at the disposal of Cheetah For Ever, who will have the leisure to make use of it as they think the best is and in the hypothesis where my presence at "Latitudes animales" is confirmed, they will be visible on this occasion. "

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