Imani and her cubs almost disappeared !

Report of September 8th, written by Wilson, manager of Melting pot safaris. Without comments, everything is said !

"On September 8th : Imani and her cubs almost disappeared ! This morning, our guards had spotted 4 lions very close to Imani and her 4 cubs.

At about 4 pm, Imani left hunting heading the group of lions that she had not seen. Her 4 cubs followed her. Our small group went straight ahead to the danger ! Then our guards decided to go between the group of lions and Imani. Unfortunately the lions spotted Imani. A male lion put itself in position of attack.

Edouard and William called another car for help and block the way.

Imani always unconscious of the danger still get closer to the group of lions.

The male lion was more or less fifty meters. Our guards decided to make much noise as possible : knock on the car and make a lot of noise for disturbing the lion and alert Imani of the danger.

Imani stopped and smelt the lion. She ran away but cubs stayed behind her.

Both cars continued to make barrier and guards made a lot of noise to disturb the lion.

Imani was frightened and called her cubs which joined her very fast.

Our team certainly saved Imani and her cubs.

Our guards didn't take photos during the action too much occupied by the rescue. But they had made some photos of the group of lions in the morning." Wilson

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