Some news about Nora!

A blow for our very motivated team!

"This day, our scouts began by monitoring Nora and her four 2 months old cubs.

Having hunted a Thomson gazelle, Nora rested with her cubs in a grove. Our team decided to join Imani and her cubs.

At about 4 pm, they decided to come back to see Nora. They noticed that one of the cubs was missing. They look for the missing cub and they found it, dead at the bottom of a tree. And on that tree, a martial eagle. According to the wound on the body of the cub, the eagle would have caught and killed the cub. The eagle would have made fallen the body cub too heavy for him.

For our very motivated team, it is very hard!

Unfortunately we can't survey all the female cheetahs and their cubs with a single car. It is urgent to buy two additional cars and hire other scouts. "

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