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About the utility of the association Cheetah For Ever (for those who still doubted about it...)

I have just received this day this detailed report of one of our on the ground teams in Mara : it is an attempt of attack of hyena on the cubs of Imani. You will forgive the quality of photos, but this time we have pictures !

Imani left to hunt. Her 4 cubs stayed alone and suddenly a hyena arrived. She ran and separated all the cubs. Later she pursued one of the cub who were surrounded in a grove.

He faced the hyena and spat.

Our two scouts William and Edouard and the ranger Kiok who accompanies them each day, made a lot of noise, roared to take away the hyena but unsuccessfully. Then they went out of the car and thrown their jacket on the hyena which ran away !

Imani came back and moved her cubs 4 kilometers away from the danger.

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